Barhara Revisited

Barhara Revisited ending CG
The good ending CG, with Sigurd and Deirdre kissing


The year is 760, Gran Calendar, springtime. At long last, Sigurd of Chalphy has arrived at the fields of Barhara, his war against the enemies of Grandbell finally at an end. From Prince Gandolf of Verdane’s abduction of Aideen of Jungby three years prior, Sigurd had much blood on his hands. Gandolf, Chagall of Agustria, Daccar of Silesia, Langbart of Dozel, and finally, Reptor of Freege…

Friends of Sigurd met their demise during the years of war as well, however. One of his closest friends, Eltshan of Nodion, was loyal to Chagall beyond reason, eventually costing him his life. As for Cuan of Lenster, news only recently broke of his assassination by Trabant of Thracia, along with his wife and Sigurd’s sister, Ethlin.

Escorted by the Royal Guard into safety, Sigurd met its captain, Alvis… and his missing wife, Deirdre, now Alvis’s wife and deprived of all memory. Sigurd was allowed a final moment with her, twisting the knife in deeply. And with one final cry, it was all over: Sigurd of Chalphy was no more.

Or was he? Instead of being burnt to ashes by the power of Falaflame, what if Sigurd survived the ordeal? Instead of his army being destroyed and scattered to the winds, what if they fought back against Alvis and the Roten Ritter?

Sigurd of Chalphy! Survive the Battle of Barhara, rescue Deirdre from Alvis’s clutches, and finally save Grandbell once and for all!


Barhara Revisited was my entry for Make a Fun Chapter 2, held in 2016 by Ghast in conjunction with that year’s Fire Emblem E3. The premise was simple: the player would return to the site of the Battle of Barhara, where the playable cast of the game to that point were slaughtered en masse. In the original story, it was impossible to save them no matter what the player did, so the submission allows the player to alter the course of history and save the doomed members of Sigurd’s army.

In the overarching history of Fire Emblem hacking, Barhara Revisited was a late FE7 project. The end was nigh for Nightmare and FEditor, the primary tools of the day. As a result, while a few modern quality of life hacks were implemented, the majority of modern conveniences are not in place. True to the name “Make a Fun Chapter”, Barhara Revisited consists of a single chapter. While the chapter is known as “Battle of Barhara” within the file select menu, the MAFC thumbnail dubbed it Barhara Revisited, and this is the name it is typically referred to as.

The single chapter of Barhara Revisited has only one major secret. A secret event can be found if any unit waits on top of Barhara Castle. King Azmure will be met, with him giving the visitor the Book of Narga for their trouble. In addition, the ending dialogue is severely cut down if Deirdre dies.


Barhara Revisited was my first completed Fire Emblem chapter. In 2020, an updated version was released as part of the Barhara Trilogy collection. Any further updates to the chapter will be made to the Barhara Trilogy version instead.


World Map Narration DEIRDRE: "Wait! Alvis, please! ...Just a little more time..." SIGURD: "ALVIS, YOU DASTARD!!" LEVIN: "Heh, that Alvis fool attacked my scarf!" Combat: Holyn vs Meteor Combat: Arden attacks Status screen: Deirdre with Narga bonuses SIGURD: "Manfloy! You... You're the one! You stole my wife away..." Map overview Status screen: Levin with Holsety

Original MAFC video, by Ghast:


Public release (21st October, 2016): Download here

Patching Instructions

Apply to a standard American Blazing Sword rom. The correct hashes can be found below.
Database match: Fire Emblem (USA, Australia)
Database: No-Intro: Game Boy Advance (v. 20180816-092117)
File/ROM SHA-1: C735FDBB9E8ABE19E0C6A44708DF19ACC962E204
File/ROM CRC32: 2A524221