Welcome to the Projects section of Chalphy Castle. This section of the website is dedicated to hosting the various things I’ve worked on over the years. The majority of these are for the various Fire Emblem games, but there’s a handful of things unrelated to them.
Ordering is completely arbitrary, tending towards chronological order.

Project Listing

Be aware that not every project here currently has an article on the website. Please be patient as I create the remaining ones. In the meantime, click on the images or the links directly below them in order to access them.

Translation Patches

Patches that translate a game or hack from one language to another.
In this case, the destination will always be in English, while the source is usually Japanese.

BSFE's title screen
BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Saga
FE4 Binary's title screen
FE4 Binary
Biraku Emblem's title screen
Biraku Emblem
FE4 Tordo title
Genealogy of Tordo
Bootleg Chrono Trigger title
NES Chrono Trigger
Megami Tensei 2 title
Megami Tensei II
Bootleg FE title
FE: The Reincarnation of Light and Dark
Yugioh Duel Monsters title
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Major Projects

The flagship projects, intended to either create new games or to bring old ones to new platforms.

Old Mystery of the Emblem title
Old Mystery of the Emblem
Arch of Coups title
The Arch of Coups
The Barhara Trilogy title
The Barhara Trilogy
FE1SRPG title
Dark Dragon SRPG Studio
FE3GBA title
Mystery of the Emblem GBA

War of Lovers title screen
War of Lovers


I have hosted a competition of my own, which can be accessed below.

Make A Really Terrific Hack: MARTH
Competition to Edit Levels Interestingly, Creatively, and Amazingly: CELICA

Competition Entries

These were submitted to competitions, such as Make a Fun Chapter or Ragefest. These are short projects, but many of these tend towards a more unique style of gameplay from traditional Fire Emblem.

Barhara Revisited ending CG
Barhara Revisited
Get the Pants title
Get the Pants
Julius's Revenge title
Julius’s Revenge
Doorway of the Fang title
Doorway of the Fang
The Akaneian Mafia title
The Akaneian Mafia
Parliament of Heroes title
Parliament of Heroes

Evening Train Crash
Evening Train Crash
Evening Train Crash II: Limerick Prison Break
Dimension Dungeon title
Dimension Dungeon


Usually created on April Fools Day or some other random occurrence, these are short, jokey works making fun of something or another.

Fire Emblem GAM title
Fire Emblem GAM
Big Hill title
Big Hill
Revenge of the Cipher Absentees title
Revenge of the Cipher Absentees
Battle against Vallui title
Battle Against Vallui
Keith vs. Kempf 0: Words
Champion's Revolt title
Champion’s Revolt


If you want to look at more Fire Emblem rom hacks, visit the hack directory on Fire Emblem Universe, which offers a wide variety of games across all sorts of engines.