Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Binary: English Translation

Fire Emblem Binary's translated title screen


Fire Emblem Binary, or RM v2.97, is a Japanese hack of Genealogy of the Holy War. Originally created by the hacker Habana♦887.bsRoNI of the Binary hacking group, it aims to add many additional items and gameplay elements in order to improve the overall experience. In addition to the rebalancing of the characters, classes, and items, the difficulty in general has increased. By no means is the game impossibly difficult, and a lower difficulty is available should that be desired. Barring a few scenes that were edited for comedic purposes, the story was not adjusted in any way. Among the various selling points of Binary include:

  • The ability to double attack without the Pursuit skill
  • The ability to critical hit without the Critical skill
  • Characters being able to choose between multiple classes on promotion
  • Characters with minor holy blood can use holy weapons
  • All skills can be inherited by all children
  • Mounted units are capable of dismounting


This patch aims to translate the menus of Fire Emblem Binary for consumption by an English-speaking audience. All menus have been fully translated into English, and many graphical elements have been translated as well. The terminology in use generally follows that of the Reparation lineage of translations, and there are no plans nor intent in changing this to terminology used by Project Naga. Fire Emblem Heroes terms are emphatically rejected. The dialogue in the prologue has been replaced with placeholder dialogue in the current stable release: while the ideal state of affairs would be porting the Reparation script into Binary in full, this is not currently possible due to hacking difficulties.

Future plans would include total dialogue translation. This is a low priority due to the unchanged story and only a small handful of scenes being adjusted. The stable release is the optimal version for any prospective players to use. The FEE3 patch has rudimentary placeholder text and abbreviated versions of the Reparation dialogue up to Chapter 5, along with several memos to the FEE3 team on how to handle the patch. I have provided it for it is in a more advanced state of completion, but I do not recommend its usage.


The status screen.File select, with proper chapter names.The unit list, headings translated.Placeholder text in the prologue.

Downloads and Links


Latest stable release (v0.7, release 8/2/18): Download here
FEE3 2018 presentation (post-0.7, build 14/10/18, unstable): Download here

Other Links

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Fire Emblem E3 2018 video (by MageKnight404): Here

Patching Instructions

Apply to a headered Fire Emblem 4 rom. Use Lunar IPS to apply an .ips file, or NUPS to apply a .ups file. Do not apply both patches at once! Hashes are provided below.

  • No-Intro Name: Fire Emblem – Seisen no Keifu (Japan)
  • MD5: F81CB0EECF4E48F763E2833B2ED23383
  • SHA-1: 3F9D86B8B0685CB807AEFBB1DEEA01A77410E165
  • CRC32: 5F9BEF0D