Dimension Dungeon


One day, Link was wandering around Hyrule when he found a dungeon. As usual, he walked in, intent to explore it. According to Navi the fairy, there was something very important inside that dungeon. However, this wasn’t any ordinary dungeon. This was Ganon’s Dimension Dungeon! He took monsters from throughout time and space and gathered them in one dungeon. Yet for reasons unknown, the process also summoned allies of Link as well, all from different times! In order for Link to prevail, he must search the Dimension Dungeon and find his far-flung friends, acquire powerful weaponry, and strike down Ganon. Can he do it?


Dimension Dungeon is my entry for Vesly’s Four Hour Blitz. This year, Vesly provided a few suggestions of hacks to use to give prospective entrants a starting point: I chose to make a hack using free movement. The free movement hack, originally by Sme and later edited by Mokha, allows the player to freely walk around the map in the vein of Fire Emblem Gaiden. Gaiden uses this to allow the player to walk around towns and dungeons – the remake removes the former. But my aim here was to make a Legend of Zelda dungeon as best I could in the Fire Emblem engine. This resulted in stitching fifteen “chapters” into one individual map, with each “chapter” being a room of the dungeon. Each room had something different. Some had characters to recruit, some had treasure to collect, and others had enemies to fight – these reverted to SRPG gameplay, like in Gaiden.

As usual, my time management was dismal: when the four hour mark hit, the last three rooms were completely empty, including the boss room. After factoring out time taken to create portraits and write text (I kept it minimal this time), I took roughly five hours. A lot of bugs cropped up: as it turns out, FE games aren’t meant to be Zelda games! Still, I think I proved the concept well enough. Unfixed bugs in the interest of time include being able to open treasure chests multiple times and Link only ever appearing from one entrance when entering a room.

After finishing the submission, I created a map. A proper “Zelda Emblem” would have maps and compasses: this proof of concept does not.
Dimension Dungeon map

Project Status

Dimension Dungeon is a contest entry, and no further development is anticipated on it.


NAVI: Hey, listen! Link, you should explore this dungeon.LINK: Sahasrahla? What are you doing in a place like this?LINK: You can't exist! You don't exist! Yet you do, so could you help me?

SARIA: Where am I? This isn't the Sacred Realm. What am I supposed to do?Link fighting Ganon.A room inside the dungeon.

Downloads and Links

Download here: Here
Fire Emblem Universe post: Here