Mystery of the Emblem GBA

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Mystery of the Emblem GBA


Two years have passed since Marth defeated the Durhuan Empire. Marth’s ally Hardin marries Princess Nina of Akaneia and has become the Emperor. However, a rebellion in Grunia has broken out under the leadership of General Lawrence. Hardin orders Marth to supress the rebellion. This marks the start of a new conflict, one that would be known as the War of Heroes.


There is little complication in this project: FE3GBA was an attempt at remaking Mystery of the Emblem on the Game Boy Advance. I thought that porting one Fire Emblem game to another would be a simple task.
2016 Darrman was so naive.
Away I went with Feditor and Nightmare, slowly putting things together. However, this was cumbersome and with the buildfile method of hacking beginning to gather steam, I decided to switch over. I also had Alusq make a few portraits for the hack, based on the original FE3 sprites but with shoulders and blinking frames to match the GBA Fire Emblem games. Crazycolorz had also recently written a dismount hack, which I included to get closer to FE3. I even created a trailer for the only FEU Direct! Five chapters were in a playable state for FEE3.
It was very rough. MageKnight404’s FEE3 playthrough is linked down below. He played through Chapter 1, before coming to the conclusion that it needed a lot more time in the oven. And then I just stopped. I had no ability in making attractive maps, and though the reaction was fair, I wasn’t particularly motivated to continue. I wanted him to play Chapter 3 instead, but I was in the live stream audience and gave the go-ahead to start at Chapter 1. Almost certainly for the best…
In the end I worked on other projects such as Void’s Blitzarre Adventure (led by Circleseverywhere) and FE4 Binary. I intended to release a patch going up to Chapter 8, but I never did. The project was forgotten about, and I eventually lost the buildfile when my laptop battery ceased holding a charge. I later retrieved it and put it on my Github, but by then I had abandoned any intent of finishing the project.

Project Status

FE3GBA is CANCELLED. There will be no further updates.


MARTH: "? ...!! That's the Fire Emblem!" NARRATION: "At one time, the Macedonia region was ruled by the Durhua Empire."

Marth's status screen. Cecil defeating Rumel.

Downloads and Links

FEE3 2017 demo: Here
Fire Emblem Universe thread: here
Project source: here
FEE3 2017 video (by MageKnight404): Here