Competition to Edit Levels Interestingly, Creatively, and Amazingly – CELICA

Competition to Edit Levels Interestingly, Creatively, and Amazingly, or CELICA for short, is a hacking contest organised by Darrman. The contest takes inspiration from the Make A Fun Chapter series of contests organised by Ghast and Alusq. The only limitation is the entries lasting a single chapter: otherwise, the entrants have complete creative freedom.

Entries are judged on three criteria: its gameplay (out of 10), its presentation (out of 5), and its story (out of 5), for a total of 20. Four judges – Fire Emblem Universe users Darrman, Rivian, and Legend of Loog, and Levin64 – played and reviewed each entry. Their scores were added together to give an entry’s grand total score out of 80.

The contest was announced on the 11th of March 2023, with approximately one month of development time given to prospective entrants. Overall, 21 entries were submitted to CELICA. For further information on each entry, click on its entry in the list below.

Entry List

Entry NameParticipant NameEngineScore
Hotdog QuestFrecciaVerdeFE825/80
Untitled Costco ProjectBigMoodLex65/80
The Ruins of Lost AmbitionKrashBoomBangFE869/80
Knowledge is PowerMegaCowsamManFE841/80
Avalon X EmblemFrogFE8
One Last VentureFile2ishFE858/80
Crowns, Thrones, & RebellionRandomMercenaryFE856/80
Calculation ManipulationAura WolfFE870/80
The SpellthievesRandomWizardLex59/80
Captain's LogCarrosaLex55/80
Myriad FortunesRammerrushLex63/80
Baseless ExperienceJopettajahFE838/80
Dark CellsObniFE837/80
Net ArenaSNexezLex38/80
After the EndCb1052FE857/80
Honour StudentsYsorFE831/80
This Bird has FlownLowresFE838/80


  • FE8 = Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  • Lex = Lex Talionis