Champion’s Revolt

Champion's Revolt title
Champion’s Revolt title


A Tale of Two Accounts

The continent of Elibe had recently endured a great war. The traditional account of the Disturbance of Bern begins with King Zephiel of Bern invading Ilia and Sacae, before turning his attention to Lycia, following into an account known as “Sword of Seals”. However, recently, a competing account of the war, named “Champion’s Sword”, has been gaining in popularity.
To keep a long story short, Champion’s Sword’s major difference is retelling the Disturbance of Bern from the perspective of Al, the “Blue Champion”. Many discrepancies can be found between the two accounts.

To use one example, Sword of Seals says General Legance launched a rebellion in Ostia. He took Lilina as a hostage, and sought to ally with Bern. Roy then rescued Lilina, killed Legance, and obtained Durandal before Cecilia chased Narshen out of Lycia.
Champion’s Sword instead has the Lycian League, with Eliwood as its leader, fully operational in Ostia. The revolt was instead led by Kruzard, a mercenary and a friend of Lance, one of Roy’s knights. He launched a rebellion he hoped would fail, in order to unify Lycia against him and take any potential traitors down with him. Al then fakes Kruzard’s death to save him. Ostia is briefly seized by Marquess Zem, but Al and Lance quickly chase him out and Kruzard then kills him. Narshen leaves on his own accord without Cecilia intervening, and Legance is never mentioned. Durandal is missed, though Lilina is later seen alive and well in Roy’s army.


Starting in the march of Tania, copies of Champion’s Sword begun to spread rapidly across Elibe. Nobody knew where it was being printed, but the author, Viscount Al Eldreed, soon became a household name. Sword of Seals, as penned by Roy, remained the official account within Lycia. At the same time, notable people from all across Elibe were starting to vanish. First, Lance disappeared from Pherae. A few weeks later, Wolt vanished. News from the Western Isles suggested Echidna had left one day without any warning. When word came to Ostia that Eliwood, Roy’s father, had disappeared, his patience wore out. Letters were sent to friends across the continent, asking for any information on Al or the disapperances.

There was soon a knock on the door from Cecilia, Roy’s former tutor. She had received an invitation from the “Blue Champion”, directing her to Graizel Prison, located near Tania. Roy and Lilina knew that Tania’s marquess, Tiena, was staunchly pro-Al, yet neither of them even knew of her existance until recently. Cecilia also noted that many prominent Etrurians had received invitations. She read a chapter of Champion’s Sword, but realised it was implausible and decided to meet with Roy. The three soon decided to investigate Graizel Prison. Roy expected a fight, so he hired some mercenaries he knew from the Disturbance of Bern. He also gathered the remaining knights of Pherae before marching on Graizel.

Little did Roy know he was about to uncover a massive conspiracy, threatening to burn Elibe to ash…


Champion’s Revolt had several sources of inspiration. Champion’s Sword takes many liberties compared to Sword of Seals, so the idea of Roy and Al fighting was a prominent one. Another element I wanted to include were the lost FE6 trial maps. There were four in total, but nothing survives of Defeat Bandits. Graizel Execution Court, the V-Type Map, and the J-Type Map are all present here, though I modified all of them slightly to add buildings, or in V-Type, have a chapter gimmick.
Champion’s Revolt also served some educational purposes: I chose to use FEBuilder as I do not know of any public FE6 buildfile, and with the prompt being so strongly tied to Sword of Seals, I felt that it would only be proper to make this in FE6. Overall, hack development took about two weeks.
The initial FEU release for April Fools Day (or International Hack Release Day) was disguised as a honest port of Champion’s Sword (Hasha no Tsurugi) to FE6. Champion’s Revolt quickly diverges from the Hasha plot.


  • Four chapters
  • 2-3 hours play time
  • Droppable items
  • Pre-defined supports (Roy X Lilina, most prominently)
  • Based off of Gringe’s translation, v1.2.1

Known Issues

  • Skipping the Chapter 1 world map scene when a country is highlighted may crash the game.
  • The cursor palette is broken: this is related to world map modifications.
  • Chapter 1’s goal is to kill the dragon. If it dies on enemy phase, wait with any unit to end the chapter.
  • Testing was done on Normal mode. Hard mode is available but untested beyond Chapter 1.
  • Enemy boss quotes play when they use a healing staff.
  • The final boss animations are a bit awkward.
  • Items won’t drop if a green unit kills enemies that drop items.


Graizel Execution Court. J-Type Map. V-Type map.

TIENA: Al, don't be so reckless. The plan falls apart without you. Jemmie's status screen. Note droppable Forblaze. Lilina casting Forblaze on Kruzard.

Roy's status screen. TIENA: Dear Marquess Ostia, I have concerns about your laws on Viscount Eldreed's... CELDIA: I am Celdia, Marquess Ragna! I order you to surrender!

CECILIA: ...But this heat... We need to take a break... V-Type Map, with Bartre. J-Type Map, with Merlinus.

Downloads and Links

Latest release (v1.1, 24th June 2024): here
v1.0, 1st April 2024: here
Fire Emblem Universe thread here

Patching Instructions

Apply Champion’s Revolt to a clean, unpatched, Japanese FE6 rom. Do not apply to any pre-existing translation!
Doing so will cause issues.