Keith vs. Kempf 0: Words


Long ago, there was this manga called Yugioh. There was an American called Bandit Keith. He was very American. He even wore a bandana with an American flag pattern. A few years later it got an anime adaptation, which then got dubbed, which then got parodied. While Yugioh Abridged was making headway on Youtube, a Freegian commander got inspired. His name was Kempf, and he was obsessed with America. He infamously declared to Leaf during his conquest of Dandrum Fortress that he “had fallen into his trap, IN AMERICA!”

However, unknown to Kempf, Keith had copyrighted his catchphrase. Now he’s coming to enforce it. However, Kempf had set up some precautions, including using Wiseman as a trap. Will Keith fall for it?


This is my April Fools 2022 hack. The idea of Bandit Keith from Yugioh and Kempf from Fire Emblem 5 fighting over “In America” was a joke hack idea that had been floating around in my head for a long time. It would not have been difficult to make a Sacred Stones hack with the two, but since the idea is so strongly connected to the Thracia translation, using that engine would only be appropriate. However, I left things too late and I struggled to implement English text directly into Zane’s disassembly of Thracia.
The end result was a massive scaling back, with the dialogue and menu fonts implemented, with little else of note included. Chapter 1 dialogue was replaced, with everything else left a broken mess.

Project Status

This hack is numbered 0 for a reason: it’s just a silly little thing. If and when I make a proper hack with this premise, it will receive a separate page.


NARRATION: "However, Kempf stole his catchphrase."KEMPF: "And who might you be? I believe you have fallen right into my trap. In America!"KEITH: "Kempf, you stole my catchphrase! Your "In America!" line is a certified reference to Yugioh Abridged!"KEMPF: "Oh right, Raydrick was kidnapping you. I'm not going to do anything about it. Tell him Kempf sends his regards."KEITH: "... Name's Keith. And this Kempf guy stole my catchphrase. I'll just hijack this army for a bit."The status screen.

Downloads and Links

Latest release (1/4/22): Download here
Fire Emblem Universe thread: here

Patching Instructions

Apply to a headerless FE5 rom.