Evening Train Crash II: Limerick Prison Break

Evening Train Crash II: Limerick Prison Break title screen


Last time on Evening Train Crash, Mario Mario survived the titular crash only to be arrested for assaulting Bowser Koopa, along with his brother Luigi Mario and Princess “Peach” Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom. At the same time, fellow passengers Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, and Tea Gardner were arrested for the murder of Weevil Underwood.
Getting to the Arch of Coups in Derry was the last thing on Mario’s mind: he had been remanded in custody in Limerick Prison. He had been officially charged and was almost certain to be found guilty and sentenced to something harsh.

Elsewhere in Limerick, Toad just happened to turn on RTE News in the hopes he’d find something interesting to watch. He witnessed Mario’s arrest live. Panic quickly set in. Over the next few days, he hoped to find a way to get into Limerick Prison. Rumour began to spread that the criminal justice system in Ireland had been subordinated to some evil force, and that Limerick was holding lots of prisoners guilty of no crime at all.

A chance encounter with Locke Cole, who was seeking to break Celes Chere out from the same jail, set things into motion. Locke needed three types of people to attempt a prison break: someone with brute force, someone who can strike from afar, and someone with the ability to heal. With this in mind, Toad ran around Limerick.
First he encountered a warrior who would not give a name, only identifying himself as a descendant of Erdrick. He claimed to have slain the Dragonlord, and was clearly a powerful man.
Next he encountered someone experimenting with teleportation devices. Unlike the last man, she gave her name, Lucca. Teleporting in and out of prison was impossible, but she said she was good with a gun. She only had a bow; “borrowed from Marle” she says.
Finally Toad ran into a healer, advertising her first aid services to all passersby. She gave a full name, Mint Adnade, who had gotten separated from a Cless Alvein at some point. She was clearly competent at healing, and at last Toad had his party.

The group of five then ventured into Limerick Prison. According to a local newspaper Locke had read, twelve prisoners had been transferred in over the past week. The goal: Find Mario, and break them all out!


Evening Train Crash II is the sequel to Evening Train Crash, as the name implies. This chapter was created as part of Vesly’s Three Hour Blitz contest, the time limit of which I blatantly ignored. Overall I forget the exact time, but I went to sleep and continued development the next morning. I’d wager about six hours was spent on it? There isn’t too much to show for it though: the actual legitimate three hours was almost entirely spent programming doors and their tile changes. In addition, the chapter is an escape map which requires every playable character to escape: there are many blue units lurking in Limerick’s cells. A Let’s Player independently played most of the chapters in the contest, but this chapter never received a video, which speaks volumes.

Project Status

Perhaps at some point in the distant future I will merge Evening Train Crash II with its predecessor. Ultimately, these are just Arch of Coups splinters – perhaps if I ever get back to that I’ll rework these two maps into the hack.


TOAD: Aaaah! This is terrible! Mario's been arrested! LOCKE: "We need some muscle, a sniper, and a medic. Go find those." LOCKE: A-ha! Mario, Mario, and Toadstool for assault.

The chapter's map. Mint's description: "Practiced in first aid. She lets everyone know." Locke in combat.

A big pile of units stuck in a corridor. LEAF: It's... finally clear... Nanna, I'm so sorry...

Downloads and Links

Original release (released 31/08/22): Download here
Fire Emblem Universe post: Here

Patching Instructions

Apply patch to a clean FE8 rom.