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Seventeen years have passed since the Battle of Barhara. Lord Alvis of Velthomer and Archbishop Manfloy of the Lopt Sect were defeated, with Lord Sigurd of Chalphy victorious. All the threats to the Kingdom of Grandbell were dealt with, and Deirdre, Sigurd’s missing wife, had been saved. Sigurd eventually ascended to the throne of Grandbell, and an age of peace dawned upon the continent of Jugdral.

As far as the public were concerned, the birth of Princess Julia was a wonderful thing. However, Julia was not born alone. She had a twin brother with her, with fiery red hair and a suspicious marking on his forehead. Julius was his name, and his appearance took strongly after the missing Alvis. Sigurd and Deirdre knew this was of concern. If questions were raised about his paternity, Grandbell would soon plunge into war. Hence, he was disowned and given away to one of the loyal knights of Chalphy.

One thing led to another, and eventually he found his way into Yied Shrine. Bearing Major Loputousu blood, he soon begun plotting. Under the guidance of Archbishop Manfloy, who had returned to hiding, he would unleash chaos upon Jugdral, as his ancestors had done centuries ago. Julius would have his revenge. Celice of Chalphy’s blood must spill, at any cost!


Julius’s Revenge was an entry for Ragefest 5, the final entry of the long-running competition hosted by Markyjoe. The premise of Ragefest was originally to make hacks of extreme difficulty, with a healthy dose of humour that would be best described as “trollish”. As time went on, the ideal difficulty shifted towards more of a firm-but-fair standard, and the humour deteriorated towards simple community pandering. In the aftermath of Void’s Blitzarre Adventure’s creation, the idea of a “blitz hack” had taken hold. Since I was heavily involved in the creation of Void’s, I thought it would be a good idea to make a quick chapter for Ragefest.

It was not a good idea.

As it turns out, when the most popular entries were complicated puzzle maps and full of pandering to the “Markyjoe canon”, having neither was a death sentence. Tactical Nonsense, the ultimate winner, had a unique art style, three chapters of difficult puzzles, and no shortage of in-jokes. Julius’s Revenge had poorly-sized FE4 portraits, one chapter highly susceptible to cheese, and not a single reference to Markyjoe. The chapter, on-par with the weakest Void’s chapters in quality, was widely panned. Indeed, it came in last place once the disqualified chapters are removed from consideration. As Ephraim225 put it on Markyjoe’s wiki, Julius’s Revenge was rather lack-Lester.

Project Status

The entry was submitted, and is available for anyone to play. Plans to revamp and enhance the chapter as a part of the Barhara Trilogy have not yet been carried out, and are of a low priority.


NARRATOR: ...when suddenly, a new army took to the fold, led by the forsaken prince, Julius.JULIUS: If I can snuff out Celice's life, then the world is mine. Brother...Combat between Julia and Julius; Julia has killed Julius with Narga.STAT SCREEN: Celice's wife. Come on, look at them. They're so cute together! You'd be a monster to split them.


Competition entry (September 2017): Download here
Lair of the Fooker wiki page: Here

Ragefest 5 video (original): Here
Ragefest 5 video (redo): Here

Patching Instructions

Apply Julius’s Revenge to a standard American Sacred Stones rom. Hashes:

  • No-Intro Name: Fire Emblem – The Sacred Stones (USA, Australia)
  • (No-Intro version 20130720-015858)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: C25B145E37456171ADA4B0D440BF88A19F4D509F
  • ROM CRC32: A47246AE
  • ROM MD5: 005531FEF9EFBB642095FB8F64645236