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Get the Pants


One day Marth was minding his own business plotting how to conscript people into his army. The blue paint supplies were running low, but Navarre had made loads of money in the arena. He hadn’t been seen elsewhere in weeks. And so, Marth went to his wardrobe to grab his pair of pants to admire. Except… they were gone! He needed them for good luck! Freeing Akaneia could wait. Marth needed to get the pants back! The latest rumours was that Navarre had stolen the pants and was fighting in an arena near an isolated town. That was enough for Marth: he and his posse charged off to get the pants. Along the way, Sheeda swapped her pegasus out for a dragon! Would that turn the tables against Navarre?


Get the Pants was my submission for Make a Fun Chapter 3. The main unique factor to it was its usage of Fire Emblem 1 as a base. I had done some research on the game at the time, but little had been done in terms of actually hacking it outside of several attempts at translation. I had made a good amount of Nightmare modules, so I decided to apply the research to a practical project. Overall, Get the Pants was a very simple entry by the nature of its engine. Still, it worked out fairly well. It wasn’t quite the first custom FE1 chapter (Kirb had released on along with the map insertion tool), but it still paved the way for more complicated hacks.

Project Status

More sophisticated text insertion methods have since been developed, so perhaps in the future Get the Pants might have the clunky dialogue formatting improved.


"At first, there was Let's Play, many memes, and..." SHEEDA: "Marthipan! Where were you? I heard..." Jeigan's status screen. The armoury. ABEL: "I'm here! I'm a bit late, but eh, no worries." Marth fighting Garnef. NAVARRE: "Sword goes in, gold comes out!" Navarre dying, with Sheeda picking up the Pants. MARTH: "FINALLY1 Found the pants!! Now we might be able to..." The ending text.

Downloads and Links

Latest release (dated 15th February 2017): Here
Ghast recorded a video for MAFC 3, but his co-commentator was Mangs. For reasons I will not get into Ghast no longer associates with Mangs and the video has been taken down.