Genealogy of Tordo

Genealogy of Tordo title screen


The year is 757, Gran Calendar, in the reign of King Victor of Velthomer. His son, Alvis, was waging war against Byron of Chalphy’s barbarian horde, alongside his trusted advisors Reptor of Freege and Maricle of Isaac. Bishop Claude of Edda was threatened by these alliances, and so formed one of his own with Trabant of Thracia to oppose him. Lady Deirdre of Barhara held little interest in political affairs, and largely kept to herself. Cuan of Lenster was suspicious of these developments, but few paid heed to his warnings.

In spite of a non-aggression pact, Prince Dew of Verdane invaded Grandbell, with only the dancer Laylea standing guard. Isaac’s fall was almost certain, and Freege was Verdane’s next target. With few soldiers on hand, Lady Tiltyu, daughter of Reptor, prepared to expel the Verdanian invaders from Grandbell. What awaited Tiltyu during her journey was not anything she could believe…


Genealogy of Tordo is one of many Japanese hacks, each rearranging the characters to put different members of the Jugdral cast in the spotlight. As the name implies, Genealogy of Tordo places the focus on the Tordo bloodline; the Freege family. Sigurd has been replaced with Tiltyu, and all the other houses have been rearranged. The hack’s documentation (translated by TheEnd) gives a detailed list of who exactly got replaced with what.
In essence, Genealogy of Tordo is a simple reskin. However, it does give the player plenty of additional things to use. Lots of new items have been included, and split promotions are included. With all the characters replaced comes new factors to consider when pairing up the characters. For whatever reason, almost every class name was changed, though little of substance was adjusted with them. The difficulty is higher than the vanilla game, so take heed of that.

Project Status

All menus are fully translated. Dialogue has not been touched, and there are no plans for it to be translated. Since the story is largely unchanged, character replacements aside, it is of little priority.


Homer fighting Ephraim in the arena. Lester fighting an enemy. A scene in Chapter 2. Ishtar fighting Sleuf. Axe knights flying through Chapter 3. Reinhardt promoting. The promotion screen. The status screen, with Altenna. The second half of the status screen. The shop.

Downloads and Links

Latest release (released 11/4/21): Download here
Fire Emblem Universe thread: Here

Patching Instructions

Two patches are provided: “Tordo.ips” and “TordoPatched.ips”. The former is applied to a clean Japanese rom with a header, the latter is applied to the original Japanese version of Genealogy of Tordo. Apply the patches with Lunar IPS, or use NUPS to apply the .ups variants of the patch also included.