Fire Emblem GAM

The full version of Fire Emblem GAM's title screen.
Fire Emblem GAM’s title art, including several characters who do not appear within the game.


Fire Emblem GAM is set some time after the final defeat of the Dark Dragon Mediuth and the initial unification of Akaneia. However, this unification did not last and King Marth lost control of all but his homeland, Aritia. To the west, threatening rumours from Valencia took hold. Its unification, under Emperor Alm, was holding, and his ambitions stretched further. With the armies of the former kingdoms of Sofia and Rigel at his command, the master of Valencia turned his attention to Akaneia. Without warning, a massive army landed upon the shores of Aritia, and Marth and company were caught completely off-guard.

However, that was not all. In addition to conquering Akaneia, Alm had his sights set on conquering the various kingdoms of Jugdral. The year was 790, Gran Calendar, with the continent prospering under Emperor Celice of Grandbell’s rule. This rule would be brought crashing down by the the Valencian invaders. Three continents were plunged into the flames of war. Will peace ever return to the world?


Fire Emblem GAM (retroactively standing for Great Amazing Mix) is an RPG Maker VX Ace game. Its original incarnation, posted by Serenes Forest user Clyde123, was a very short demo. This demo was very low quality, with Marth being capable of using axes for no reason, many events being fundamentally broken, and the storyline made almost no sense at all. After being made fun of by some of the regulars of 2016 Serenes, the creator took the download link down a few days later, asking for help with spriting for future releases.

He was never seen again.

Later that year, I acquired a copy of the game from a friend of mine to try it out myself. For whatever reason, I was inspired by this strange demo and its premise of Alm turning evil and attempting to destroy Akaneia and Jugdral. From the original demo, I attempted to make something more out of FEGAM, eventually releasing it on April Fools 2017.


  • Standard Dragon Warrior-style gameplay
  • Multiple parties and constant perspective shifts
  • Characters from FE3 and 4
  • 2-3 hours of gameplay
  • 5 bosses and 3 dungeons

Project Status

Fire Emblem GAM currently ends abruptly, with no final boss and the plot nowhere near resolution. Working on this game is not at all a priority, and is unlikely to continue. If it did continue, changes to be made would include standardising terminology and adjusting the introduction in order to remove redundant plot elements.


NARRATOR: In Akaneia, Marth had just succeeded in unifying the continent under one banner, but rebels quickly sprung in anger of the mass abdications and split off back into the seven kingdoms...ALM: FOOL... YOU TRULY THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME? PAH. GET OUT OF THE WAY, OLD MAN.PART 2: Press any button to start! Deirdre, Sigurd, and Cuan stand below.A boss fight with General Valbo.DAHHA: ...King Alm demands that we take over the world for him, and that is that! Now surrender now or prepare to fight fight fight! Options: Surrender to bandit, Attack bandit, Question for whereaboutsA boss fight with Knight Claire.ALM: Look Gramps, this is serious stuff. You know your way around Jugdral, right? They're a right thorn in my side. They have resisted all-out conquest in the northern wastes of Silesia.A boss fight with Navarre.SABER: We've turned up every stone in this pitiful country looking for the Crusaders, but we've come up with nothing!The Fire Emblem GAM status screen, showing Celice. "The King of Grandbell. He has influence across all of Jugdral, and he has the Tyrfing to back it up."

Downloads and Links


Latest release (1st April 2017): Download here

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Running Instructions

Ensure the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is installed. Otherwise, Fire Emblem GAM will not run correctly.