Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters

Yugioh Duel Monsters title
Duel Monsters title


It’s time to duel! Maximillion Pegasus is hosting the Duellist Kingdom tournament, the largest series of Magic and Wizards, also known as Duel Monsters, known to man. Three million dollars are to be awarded to the champion, with rumours saying that the winner can additionally challenge Pegasus for whatever they desire. Upon hearing the news, you rush to Domino City in order to catch the boat to the Kingdom.

Fourteen other duellists block your way to Pegasus. One mourns his grandfather’s demise, another fights for his sister’s sight. Others seek simply to line their own pockets, or even make an attempt on the host’s life. Regardless of whether your opponents have noble motives, they must all be defeated five times in order to proceed. Can you reach Pegasus and become the King of Games?


Though not the first video game created with the Yu-Gi-Oh licence, Duel Monsters is the first to adapt the titular card game that would soon define the franchise. The rules of this game are significantly simpler in comparison to the real-world game.

  • Sacrifices do not exist: a monster can be summoned no matter its strength
  • Traps do not exist
  • Magic cards do exist, but the AI never uses them
  • Only Exodia and the Moth line have monster effects
  • Summoning and using a magic card are exclusive: they can’t be done together in the same turn
  • Monsters that do not attack must be placed in defence mode
  • Fusion is performed by placing one fusion material on top of the other

Progress is made by defeating each opponent five times, and the credits roll when Pegasus loses for the fifth time. Though a simple game, I consider Duel Monsters 1 to be an interesting piece of history in the franchise. As such, I have decided to translate it.

Project Status

The translation is complete! All text has been completely translated into the English language. There are currently no bugs that I am aware of: any reported will be fixed.
Note that the translation uses dubbed character and English card names. I have no interest in creating a sub name patch, but one is more than welcome to create one based off of this patch so long as everyone involved is credited.


A duel, with Reaper of the Cards selected.Dark Magician attacking GatekeeperKAIBA: "I am Seto Kaiba. Defeating my Blue-Eyes five times..."

A portrait of Maximillion Pegasus.SIMON: Within a cherished card lies a heart.GAME: Used Swords of Revealing Light.

The trunk, translated into English.TEA: For winning, card number 336: Dark Hole, was obtained.YUGI: I promised Grandpa I'd beat you with his cards!

Downloads and Links


Final release (v1.0, 18th of November 2021): Here

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