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Dark Dragon SRPG Studio


The SRPG Studio port of Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light is exactly what it says on the tin. The project’s aim is to loyally recreate the first entry of the Fire Emblem series on PC. The objective is to have the game as similar to the original Famicom release as possible, using the SRPG Studio engine to streamline the experience. Some elements from Mystery of the Emblem Book 1 and Shadow Dragon are to be optionally implemented, including the new gaiden chapters.


  • FE1 tileset completely ported into SRPG Studio complete with animations
  • All FE1 map sprites ported for all classes
  • Relevant portraits upscaled to meet SRPG Studio requirements
  • Original FE1 music included
  • Original FE1 font used (courtesy of JtheDuelist)
  • FE3 weapon icons used
  • Names consistent with Quirino translation patch

Project Status

My main motivation in creating this project was to learn how to operate SRPG Studio. The current build is playable up to Chapter 6x, and it is highly unlikely that any further progress will be made. Anything resembling “development” would likely entail porting Chapter 1 to some other engine for educational purposes.



Downloads and Links

Latest release (v0.25, released 15/11/19): Here
Fire Emblem Universe thread: here

The project was submitted to Fire Emblem E3 2019, but the Let’s Player fell out of favour with FEU and the video has since been deleted. No video link will be provided.