Judge 1: Darrman

Gameplay: 1/10

I issue this low score for one factor: the ease in cheesing the chapter. All you have to do is place two bulky units in the choke point, trade off their weapons, and wait. The main intervention required in the meantime is the occasional heal. Were this disabled, or the goal set to something in the vein of FE5 Chapter 20, the chapter has the potential to be a lot more fun.

Presentation: 4/5

The music is good, as are the mugs, but the main score here comes from completely rearranging the status screen. The fact that this was done is worthy of respect, though I don’t see the need to duplicate the combat screen on pages 1 and 2. Other GUI changes worthy of noting is the significant extension of weapon names (“Leviathan Greatbow” is the lord’s PRF, to give an example) and the addition of supports to the personal data page 4.
Preventing this from reaching 5/5 is the fact Aircalibur still cuts out the music.

Story: 2/5

Story is a focus, yet one single factor demolishes the score. The lord holds a border territory, and the two major kingdoms are at war. Her family’s been loyal to one for generations, but the other are more honourable. In the vein of Fates, the player is given a choice to choose who to side with: this changes who is fought in battle. Neutrality is also an option – both kingdoms are fought. The characters also have many talk conversations, building the world.
However, there is no ending cutscene at all. At the end of turn 14, the game just returns to the title screen, giving no acknowledgement of anything I had done. This was a very disappointing ending to something that had potential here.

Total Score: 7/20

Judge 2: MCProductions

Gameplay: 1/10

I literally just pressed End turn 14 times. Defend Maps like this are NOT GOOD!

Presentation: 2/5

Decent sprites and animations utterly ruined but a lot of menu sprite tearing and bad Midis.

Story: 1/5

The story starts off with a very good hook of the player having to choose a side of who to fight with, and seems fairly character driven too, however the story is not finished, some of the three provided “routes” do not even have dialogue, and there actually just isn’t an Ending Cutscene.

Total Score: 4/20

Judge 3: 2WB

>you give me options as the first thing i see

this is an interesting idea

>>>>one of the options is to choose neiither a nor b

first, this is terrible
second, you had to know i would pick this.

Gameplay: 4/10

I really appreciate units not having complicated annoying skills. Having varying “ignore x% defense” is a bit annoying but not unbearable.

Refusing both sides and turtling up in the inner corner works perfectly well and as the cutscene itself says? There’s no reason to go out!

I can basically end turn, end turn, kill two enemies; on repeat. That’s not the worst but when the enemies are so dangerous, it makes going out to attempt the secondary objectives – most of which are learned about in elongated talk chains – feel a bit miserable to me.

The fact that enemies show up on the western side and then just…don’t move, at all, because the chest has been looted already, feels extremely unfortunate and rather lame, unless they’re *not* supposed to do anything.

The gameplay suffers from having idle enemies which in turn reduce my desire to go out, something already accomplished by the number of other enemies roaming around.

Capitulating to Mogus gives merely a “WRONG.” with no reinforcements in sight. I checked, no allied reinforcements on any of the 14 turns. Extremely unfortunate, that.

The gameplay-story non-integration of “siding with neither side causes both to kill you” felt painful.

Presentation: 4/5

The music choices worked well, had good audio balance, everyone had an identifiable portrait that was easy to look at, the map was aesthetic, the palette on it was good.
The custom stat screen made me confused for a while but once I learned it it was real nice.

Story: 4/5

The beginning took a decent chunk of time but it did wonderfully explain a lot about the world in a reasonable manner and at a decent clip. It set up the chapter extremely well and was well written.

There was a lot of cool conversations that were well said and that made me interested, and that while totaled up were long they weren’t obnoxiously so. There were, though, a lot of them?
And there’s a lot of STORY going on in them. But… Well, first, I didn’t have a good chance to do a number of them for a few turns on the first go through. And a lot of the things I was being asked by them seemed more than “incredibly difficult”.

There. was no. ending cutscene? :< I even end-turned through a second run to make sure! It was… incredibly disappointing. A major letdown to just cut to title, after so much had been set up. Especially disheartening after the just… “WRONG.” statement, like… I was betray!

Total Score: 12/20

Judge 4: theghostcreator

Gameplay: 4/10

There’s something here but it’s not too appetizing in my opinion. To make it clear, I went the neutral route so I’m not sure if that had anything to with it but the overall gameplay was incredibly boring, you just turtle in the opening room for 14 long turns until you’re booted back to the title screen and there’s no items significant enough to force me to push forward. The low weapon uses didn’t make it harder but instead just made it more annoying.

Presentation: 3/5

it’s fine, the map’s pretty poorly made but the portraits are nice and so is the music.

Story: 2/5

This just left me confused, nothing’s explained properly and there’s no end event so there’s no payoff, it feels like we’re expected to know the characters beforehand.

Total Score: 9/20



Grand Total: 32/80

=20th Position Overall