Fighting for Freedom

Fighting for Freedom


Judge 1: Darrman

Gameplay: 4/10

The chapter sets itself up to be a big conflict, but it doesn’t really deliver. Only the top-left quarter of the map actually has units placed, with the bottom-left having reinforcements appear on turn 2. The boss has a Pugi from FE5, though with 80 crit: the player is pointed to a hoplon guard in a village in dialogue, but a recruitable thief is served up on a silver platter for boss-killing on turn 5. She can steal his hoplon guard and comes with an armourslayer. And then the chapter just ends, with the vast majority of the map empty and ignorable.

Presentation: 1/5

The most glaring flaw here is the map: tile cut-off is ever present, and there’s glowing orange spots on the lake shore. The music ports to the GBA also are not of particularly high quality. In addition, none of the houses can be visited.

Story: 1/5

The premise is basic: the heroes are fighting a villain. However, the heroes have an ally that will surprise the villain. The lord is afraid people will die under her command. Spelling and grammar are poor, clearly showing a lack of proofreading. The submission also ends suddenly, with the characters amounting to saying “We beat the bad guy, now we have to rebuild”. No real conclusion is given.

Total Score: 6/20

Judge 2: MCProductions

Gameplay: 3/10

A very simple Seize map is what awaits the player. However like 3 fourths of the map is unused, and your units far outclass the enemy.

Presentation: 1/5

The map looks hilariously awful. No proofreading was done on the script. Only saving grace is Sonic Music.

Story: 1/5

So many typos. I do not understand this game.

Total Score: 5/20

Judge 3: 2WB

Gameplay: 4/10

I appreciate that the enemy formation initially looks very fragile, but the additional enemies behind them mean you can’t rush too far forward.
Unless you just dodge a 50, which is going to be my approach, because losing on turn 1 is basically a nonloss.

Allies spawning in where the only thing they can do is walk is… unfortunate at best.

… The chapter kind of plays itself? You run west. Then enemies spawn in the east. You can almost ignore them. Allies spawn in the south, they sprint west unopposed for a turn and a half. Grab the Hoplon Guard, sprint north to the waiting team.

The Rogue spawns and then the Rogue can basically single-handedly win the mission. In fact, due to her having an Armorslayer, trying to help her is detrimental since she can’t get a counter-hit in because the AI sees that as a very dangerous attack to make.

It was not unfun. The map had enemies and things to keep you on the brisk pace, which created nice tension – but not once did I have a wounded unit in range of an enemy, and my decision to rush until I got lucky didn’t actually do me any good.

The majority of the brigands and pirates don’t… do anything, because the chapter is extremely consistent to win on turn seven. The entire debacle with the ranger is pointless because he can’t arrive to the battle until turn twelve. As a result, the map has a huge amount of empty space, which is poor and hurts.

Presentation: 2/5

The map is horrid and terrifying, there’s cutoff everywhere and the water isn’t animated but the tiles that are water-adjacent have palette cycling of some kind on them and it terrifies me.
I’m not sure if the map’s water’s weirdness is supposed to be part of the story. It certainly is glossed over too fast for me to really… understand.

The player attack theme hurts my ears, but the main player phase theme is really well done.
The player units don’t have particularly functioning battle palettes. I consider this a loss even when the animations default to off, but anims defaulting to off really says that you weren’t expecting them to get seen.
The mugs are serviceable and have a unique flair for each character to be obviously themselves.

The secondary group showing up has… no pan, they just bolt in and we can’t even see them.
There’s a significant lack of polish on every regard.
RED TEXT telling me something is important? Textskip.

Story: 3/5

The story itself seems fine, though being so error-filled made it hard for me to read. It’s short – Honestly, a bit too short, I kind of… didn’t have any stakes because I had no knowledge. Sure, I understood that it was dire for the people in that moment, but it was lacking anything to make me feel something in particular in sympathy for the situation.

Total Score: 9/20

Judge 4: theghostcreator

Gameplay: 1/10

Very poor gameplay, the bottom half of the map was utterly pointless, the enemy reinforcements came in a conga line that wasn’t challenging in the slightest, the extra villages are pointless, and the units on the bottom half of the map were meaningless since the player had no reason to go down there. I literally just sent the guy with the hammer up to the boss hit them, danced, and then hit him again and seized.

Presentation: 2/5

Very inconsistent, some portraits were poor splices, others were well done, the custom music was decent, and there were minimugs and TLP minis at the same time. The map also looked quite frankly, horrible. With poorly made mountains, big chunks of forest just there and cliffs that made no sense. Also, the creator used the sand corners with the red bits at the end which made the whole thing look jarring to say the least.

Story: 3/5

There’s an effort but it ultimately feels hollow, there’s no reason to care about what’s happening because nothing’s explained. There were also a lot of grammatical and spelling errors present.

Total Score: 8/20



Grand Total: 28/80

=23rd Position Overall

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