Rookie’s Day

Rookie's Day
EngineSRPG Studio


Judge 1: Darrman

Gameplay: 6/10

The main unique point this chapter has is the turn system. In the vein of Berwick Saga, there is no such thing as Player and Enemy Phase. Both armies take their turn at the same time, but a unit can only be moved once per turn. The chapter map is large, but the length of the chapter itself is comparatively short: this is because the chapter isn’t finished, as the game informs me at the end of section 2. What is there makes for a reasonable chapter. Points are lost for a run-ending bug if the checkpoint is required. While the game recalculates turn order fine under standard circumstances, if the player needs to reset, loading the checkpoint won’t properly recalculate turn order and the game will be unable to highlight a blue unit. This effectively makes the checkpoint useless and means the chapter must be done in one go.

Presentation: 1/5

Aside from the portraits, which use the Tellius-style generator, all other assets are stock SRPG Studio. Animations have also been completely disabled.

Story: 1/5

The basic premise, of a rookie’s first day on the job, is good. However, the spelling and grammar are fairly dodgy and by the nature of the chapter not being properly finished, there is no conclusion beyond everyone heading off to the pub.

Total Score: 8/20

Judge 2: MCProductions

Gameplay: 8/10

Big ass map is my only issue with the gameplay of this submission, otherwise it’s a sandbox of a lot of my favorite FE mechanics like Dismount, FE3 Manaketes, Berwick’s Turn System, and many more in an area the game just tells me to have fun with. It’s not an impressive map, but I appreciate when any game gives me a bunch of fun tools and just tells me to go crazy.

Presentation: 1/5

Generic portraits, default SRPG studio assets for everything else including music.

Story: 1/5

Typos a plenty really take me out of the story, and said story largely seems to be just an excuse for the gameplay.

Total Score: 10/20

Judge 3: 2WB

Gameplay: 3/10

“Both factions take turns at the same time” is pretty interesting.

The chapter’s first lower section is extremely not designed around it, because of the way the AI decides which unit to move being inconsistent (which itself is good)- you have very few safe spots to put Penelope and Marcos who are very heavy liabilities.

Penelope, however, is your healer complete with a heal-the-whole-party Fortify and also she’s an FE4 dancer for kicks. Which really messes up with the way the gauge counts “actions remaining”, it just adds the four new turns to the end of the list without recalculating? But all answers here are bad.

The archers, player and enemy alike, do no damage. They don’t get damage from their stats, so Vanesa is relying on criticals off the killer bow to deal decent damage.

Everyone else is fairly robust – Aguara’s super tanky but prone to missing, Alfonzo isn’t bulky but is both speedy and accurate, Romina and Americo are bulky and consistent.

The second half of the map spams way too many enemies. This is doubly annoying due to the turn system in place, and because they’re there with no regard for their threat value: They average EIGHTEEN hit, so they aren’t a threat to anyone in the army.

I have no idea what determines how much damage a unit takes. This is a problem because I have an enemy that does 50 damage to contend with.

I didn’t have any issues but I was wholly unenthused besides the novelty of the turn system at play. The majority of the player units totally steamroll every enemy without need to be healed even after five full turns of combat. While hit rates are rarely 100, they’re really high and you can easily avoid any danger with the number of actions you have.

Presentation: 3/5

With the numeric bars option, it is very hard to distinguish the factions of given units that have acted due to how little space the units take on the map. This is a problem because that’s the most useful mode.
But this is supposed to be alleviated by the use of monsters as enemies, I just can’t tell the player and monster sprites apart because of unfamiliarity issues.

The decisions all… work out decently. It’s quite possible to tell everything apart at a glance and the UI, though simplistic on the map screen, is very much all needed things.

The portraits feel fine, the map sprites are clean.

The music is… extremely upbeat and repetitive because it is the only thing you get to hear: No combat theme, no enemy phase theme to break it up. It’s a good song as a song but of course it is, you can use any music here.

Story: 3/5

It’s… a rookie’s first day on the job. It introduces the world a little but not much, mostly focusing on those that live in it, which is nice. It sets up who the group is but doesn’t bog us down with a hundred little minutae to read.

Nothing was bad. There’s a fair share of typos that took me a second pass to realize what they meant, as well as some missing words or sentences that need other revising.

“3rd and final act couldn’t be finished by submition deadline” [sic]
Fair enough.

Total Score: 9/20

Judge 4: theghostcreator

Gameplay: 3/10

Mindless, boring, and overly long. The turn system wasn’t all that interesting of a mechanic and honestly just made it overly long. The guy that could turn into the earth god was so incredibly broken that you could just transform and walk forward until you win with no drawback since you can transform the same turn you stop being transformed.

Presentation: 3/5

Again, I think SRPG studio looks very ugly but I think this game has better visuals due to mostly drawing from FE9 graphics for custom stuff instead of a variety of stuff. The Kelik wannabe’s portrait is extremely rough though and stands out far too much.

Story: 2/5

Boring, nothing really happens and isn’t even complete because the game ends before the third act due to the dev apparently not having the time to finish it. There were also too many grammatical and spelling errors to count.

Total Score: 9/20



Grand Total: 35/80

19th Position Overall