Storge Gaiden

Storge Gaiden


Judge 1: Darrman

Gameplay: 7/10

As the name implies, Storge Gaiden is related to Storge. Many of the recruitable characters there are around here too. The prologue map – normally free of any combat – has been reworked into an actual chapter. The chapter goal is to kill every boss on the map: this is complicated by the presence of an almost-unkillable force pursuing you throughout the chapter. Aside from him keeping you moving, this is a fairly simple chapter. Care must be taken, however: I lost several units.

Presentation: 3/5

The character mugs are of decent quality, while the music is also good to listen to. The status screen is also nice. Detracting from the score is the presence of a few unvisitable houses. It’s worth mentioning the shop tiles cannot be walked on, resolving that potential issue.

Story: 3/5

Storge Gaiden starts like Storge. However, as father and daughter set out on their quest, the town they departed from is attacked by bandits. Becker didn’t hire everyone, so the remaining mercenaries have to hunt the bandits out of town – but some mercs were hired by the bandits. The main score for the story here is the presence of multiple endings: I found four (including what I believe is the true ending), but there may be more. It’s worth noting that the game doesn’t auto-save when returning to title, so I didn’t need to play the chapter four times.

Total Score: 13/20

Judge 2: MCProductions

Gameplay: 5/10

Your squad is split into three and you need to kill five bosses. You are incentivized to hurry by an unkillable asshole who spawns partway into the map, but it’s entirely possible and easier to just regroup your units and deathball the entire map, making the map fairly bland despite having very interesting bones/

Presentation: 3/5

Good music, cool spritework, ugly map with a lot of map errors.

Story: 4/5

Kid wants to become mercenary to escape his current living conditions, bandits attack, kid stands up. Simple, effective, I approve.

Total Score: 12/20

Judge 3: 2WB

Gameplay: 6/10

Far, far too often I was stuck depending on randomness – like, “hit a 70 or don’t get hit by an 80” – if I wanted to not lose a unit. Which… I think is quite bad if there’s going to be so many enemies coming in over time; especially a nigh-unstoppable one in the rear.

Okay, the reinforcements actually stopped pretty quick so that’s pretty fine.

But it also maaaade things kind of boring but they were the good boring if that makes any sense?
Like, it was not hard BECAUSE I made it boring and I *could* have done more risky things and there was enough stuff to let me do more interesting things – I just didn’t really want to do them because I value getting to the end too much.

Presentation: 3/5

The music’s all good quality AND varied. The character palettes are nice and the map palette is extremely readable.

There’s a pretty heavy amount of tile spam on the large blocks of forest but since that’s at the edges of the map mostly it’s not distracting. The one in the middle of the eastern side is really obnoxious, though.

Story: 3/5

I was intrigued by the story as it began. It was… not quick to start. It dragged only a bit.

The two endings I saw were shit and “if you find this disagreeable, find this person!” is an incredibly major let down on multiple levels, a major one being that I’m not doing that because I have weird opinions.

But what I did see was good. I just need you to know that that choice and the endings are awful.

Total Score: 12/20

Judge 4: theghostcreator

Gameplay: 9/10

Very fun gameplay, the anti turtle emperor was a bit too strict imo but that’s just me, otherwise very good gameplay. The harvester was really fun to use as well and not as hard to get as I first thought, I just wish I could’ve played through the rest of the chapter with the lord’s promotion instead of it just ending.

Presentation: 5/5

Really good presentation, nothing I can really gripe about that’s worth talking about.

Story: 4/5

I don’t understand everything that’s going on but that’s fine, the characters are very fun with my favorite being Vidali and the portraits are expressive enough and the introductory dialogue was enough to establish who they were, although Eli’s swearing was very jarring since they didn’t use language you’d expect from an FE game but I think that’s the point so fair enough.

Total Score: 18/20



Grand Total: 55/80

=4th Position Overall

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