The Random Vague Job

The Random Vague Job


Judge 1: Darrman

Gameplay: 4/10

The chapter itself has nothing interesting going on. The closest thing to a gimmick it has are area spawns which can ambush you. These spawns are bugged: there’s a point in the bottom-right corner where you can stand on a ruin and the enemy spawns on top of you. The boss also moves without any warning despite standing on a gate. It’s a matter of moving your glass cannons across the map and deleting the enemy without a second thought. You move quick enough that the enemies that follow you never catch up. A positive factor is that some customisation of the skills took place, but they largely only adjust numbers and some of them are bugged, such as the thunder girl and the boss. Still, I can respect the fact that an attempt was made here.

Presentation: 2/5

Before anything ever begins, the vanilla FE8 opening remains intact. In-game, none of the character portraits actually blink, which is unusual. Some text strings are unchanged from vanilla, such as having Bazba’s Bandits mentioned in the Cutthroat description. The music and animations are decent, though, which bumps this up to a 2.

Story: 1/5

The text present is nothing more than an excuse plot. A woman and her hired army of fox girls have to fight something. A rabbit steals one of the girls’ glasses, but this is never brought up again and the boss is something entirely different. This boss doesn’t know what she’s doing there, and when killed, the party realise she was acting in self-defence, some of the fox girls leave, and the game ends by saying “such an underwhelming end”, which doesn’t make it any better.

Total Score: 7/20

Judge 2: MCProductions

Gameplay: 6/10

Roundabout path, your units are overpowered, you kill a very easy boss, and the map just ends.

Presentation: 4/5

In what is clearly the focus, the spritework is very well made and all the furries are well drawn.

Story: 1/5

Excuse plot with a twist that is just… dropped and not resolved or explained.

Total Score: 11/20

Judge 3: 2WB

Gameplay: 5/10

The chapter featured a very large amount of open space that *mostly* spaced out enemies nicely. There were enough enemies – and AI changes from turn to turn (or progression based) – to make sure that there’s not too-huge gaps of emptiness.
The chapter’s gimmick of enemy ambush reinforcements coming out of the ruins tiles is well telegraphed: I *despise it on principle*, but it played well; and it was manipulatable due to being based on the location of your units – except, to a very real extent, it was impossible to manipulate, because I had no idea what rules were used to determine when a given ruins unit shows up and it would have required a large number of resets to find out if there were consistent rules.
Particularly, everything I had assumed was thrown out at the south-east corner (over halfway through the map). It was very frustrating to see because I had been expecting something else.

However, basically… there was no resistance or strategy. Most units are capable of attacking most units with enough damage to avoid counters, or have large bulk that taking damage wasn’t a concern for most of them.

Presentation: 3/5

The map has multiple spammed forest tiles instead of using most of the variations, mountain cutoff and seams. Most of this isn’t egregious since the top three rows of the map kind of don’t have anything going on up there so you can just scroll down after the first turn, out of sight out of mind.
The player phase music, however, *actively hurts my ears*: It’s significantly louder than the cutscene theme and has parts that are incredibly shrill, as well as being entirely too frenetic. The actual audio quality is good.
This particularly causes a problem because IT IS LOUDER THAN THE BATTLE THEME. If I turn up the audio so I can hear the battle theme pleasantly, my ears are *blasted* when I go back to the map. The battle theme itself is pretty okay – it’s a bit slow especially compared to the map theme, but again, it is fine in quality.

The enemy map theme has an interesting vibe and I’m a fan of it.
The defend theme is very nifty; and I really like its pep.

But overall in addition, everyone has custom animations and portraits to stand out; and while i’ve certainly seen smoother or tighter or prettier; it all is inoffensive and works fine.

I want to score this higher because having kemonomimis stands out because of how uncommon people using them has been historically and how fluffy fluff the mofumofu ears are.

Story: 3/5

The introduction of characters seems — chaotic, random, zany; but also meandering and pointless. It’s trying to be funny, particularly whipping out sunglasses=cool and “my trusted companions: I don’t know any of their names” — and I have to agree, that it is funny.

However, there was no actual story. I’m all for no story and focusing on character interactions, which this does in spades. so it was real neat – I was amused as well by the “I assumed she was late” nature of the archer.

Overall; I laughed. I was entertained and I found it only lacking a little, and the directness made it far more enjoyable.

The ending implies stuff and goes practically negative distance with it and then a character calls out the whelmingness.
It’s. Not great.

Total Score: 11/20

Other Notes

generic aside please don’t make titles like this

Briefly flicking through every player/enemy –

Sybil’s skill doesn’t perform any of its stat modifications besides “-20 avo with lances”. This isn’t a problem, but it makes me wary of trusting if anyone’s skills actually work.
Lillian’s skill doesn’t modify her AS in the stat preview, but does in the mmb, so I at first thought that part didn’t function either.

Ylva’s skill calls out “terrain”. All tiles in Fire Emblem are “terrain”. Plains, Roads, Floor are all descriptors of the terrain in that location.

Holy Lance doesn’t specify which Renewal it grants which is in stark contrast to Purge’s Solidarity.

>75 hp 19 def 16 res dragonskin boss
I already don’t like this map and I have literally not taken an action.

Why does Lillian start with a master seal instead of as a hero? Promoting to auto-A in axes is actually not something I expected when playing and was pretty surprised to learn.

Warning about “the ruins are suspicious, be wary of ambushes” is really cute… except when the first thing I see is this warning and a knight immediately spawning in range it’s kind of “yeah, I can see that!”.

Judge 4: theghostcreator

Gameplay: 4/10

Very boring but inoffensive. Very weak enemies other than three that just one rounded everyone, one of those being the boss. The units were way to strong and the map was way to winding. It was just boring, not much else to say.

Presentation: 3/5

Good attempt but most portraits look pretty bad, the mountains are rough, and the portraits are TLP style.

Story: 2/5

There’s nothing really here, just some dialogue that ultimately doesn’t matter and characters that feel entirely random and one note.

Total Score: 9/20



Grand Total: 38/80

=17th Position Overall

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