We Are Legion

We are Legion


Judge 1: Darrman

Gameplay: 6/10

This chapter has a funny gimmick: everyone is Legion. If any Legion engages, if both targets survive, the target also turns into a Legion. The chapter then revolves around converting everyone into a Legion. The enemy quality is very varied: from weak level 1 units at the start to powerful level 20 units at the end. This results in more and more Legions. The difficulty isn’t too bad (watch out for Marich and Linda’s ranged attacks), so long as you keep getting more Legions. Overall the chapter was fairly average, but it does have a very unique gimmick to it.

Presentation: 2/5

The Akaneian music is good, but the character portraits come from here there and everywhere. Death quotes are especially sloppy: they’re unedited from vanilla and the objective is “defeat O’Neill”.

Story: 3/5

There’s not much in the way of a storyline, but what is there is comedic in the vein of Didja Redo’s FE1 let’s play – the source of many Akaneian memes. A masked axeman marching up into Durhua Castle turning Marth(ipan)’s army into clones of him? Just another day for Marth. The character descriptions also fit in nicely here.

Total Score: 11/20

Judge 2: MCProductions

Gameplay: 8/10

An extremely fascinating gimmick combined a genuinely fun challenge that made me immediately want to replay it.

Presentation: 5/5

That title screen will haunt my nightmares. I hate FE12, but I love it. Also, as a FE3 fanboy, the FE3 Marth map sprite makes me happy.

Story: 5/5

Do you like that FE1 LP? Good, so do I.

Total Score: 18/20

Judge 3: 2WB

Gameplay: 5/10

The chapter is unique and has a gimmick that’s really *fascinating*.
However, also due to the gimmick and there being lots of enemies with huge stats while your initially accessible units are mostly jobbers, iiiit’s hard to do something super interesting.

For example, you can’t proceed down the south-east corridor without losing a unit, due to Linde’s AI/instant-kill nature.

This means you can ‘only’ go north and use a Javelin to grab Gordin; and you can’t go east from there due to Linde. You can’t go north, because Radd has Galeforce, leaving going west – the fighter trio offers so much less resistance it isn’t really funny, and getting Jake allows you to get a Door Key for Eremiya.
From there you can sacrifice any unit to pull him in range of Jake and get all of the remaining crew in a single swoop due to their tankiness, including Merric.

Marth is tanky and evasive but has only one resistance and no response to being attacked at 2 range besides the Elixir that I didn’t manage to get him to use, probably set to use at 25% but the aforementioned five units have *no* trouble chunking him down.

It was enjoyable and funny. But I just ended up having a lot of empty turns, moving units along the dead spaces where there weren’t enemies to nuke them and I found that really boring and nonengaging and like I had no choice but to do that due to the basic rule setup of “end combats with neither unit dead”.

I don’t like memetics. But here, it’s not just the joke, it’s an ascension of what that joke actually *means*.

Presentation: 3/5

The title screen music hurts my ears but it’s fine
The first cutscene music, however, made me regret leaving sound on. I eventually had to just turn off the sound. The battle themes were just too painful for my ears.

The recruitment theme mix – I don’t know how, but there’s this weird echoing tin to the sounds and it just *hurts*.
The CHOICE of music, however, was very good. Perfect in match with the theme – which made it surprising that the default FE8 Near Victory song plays when only Marth’s left.

The map, unfortunately, has a lot of.. choices I disagree with intensely.
For example, due to only using the top door segment, I thought you had to Warp into Eremiya’s room until after I did it.
And the map has large spaces of nothing, and due to enemy spacing this is…pretty obvious.

I KNOW it’s Dolhr Keep horizontally flipped, with some water added. I even appreciate that that’s the map and it makes plenty of sense for it to be where. It’s just… It’s not an interesting map; it’s an interesting -chapter- due to -what is on it-.

Story: 2/5

The massivest excuse plots of all excuse plots, there isn’t even an ending cutscene. I did giggle quite a bit at the story text and also at all the character descriptions. High love was paid here, to Didja Redo’s Not Enough Fire Emblem on the Forums!, particularly, but also to a decent number of other FE11-isms and jokes I’ve seen run around before.

I don’t like memetics.

Total Score: 10/20

Judge 4: theghostcreator

Gameplay: 8/10

Very fun and unique. Figuring out how to slingshot your forces across the map was a treat and really had me think about how best to go about the situation. I don’t think being able to rescue drop beck-legion was intentional but it was still fun to do. I will say that early in the map if you don’t conserve your javelin users things will get pretty tricky to figure out. Overall, a fun time.

Presentation: 3/5

Again, just fine. The map was pretty nice, there weren’t any custom palettes, the minis were all messed up for a lot of portraits but it was overall fine.

Story: 3/5

Fine meme story, not much else to say. The descriptions are really fun though.

Total Score: 14/20



Grand Total: 53/80

=8th Position Overall

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