FEE3 2022: Cipher of Destruction

So a year has come and gone. My attention has largely been away from this website, but with the Cipher of Destruction FEE3 video I feel duty bound to mention something here.


Here’s the FEE3 video. I won’t make a Cipher of Destruction page here until it gets a release, though I do plan to host a guide here when the time comes. Here’s the FEU link in the meantime.

In other news, I spent a bit of time cleaning up unlinked projects and most of them should now at least have placeholder pages. I’ve also made a few contest chapters (Evening Train Crash 2 will get a page soon) and if you peek at my Github you’ll find a menu patch for Yugioh: Monster Capsule GB. That’s very much preliminary and the page will come once I get around to dumping all the text and start to look for a proper translator.

That should be about everything; I don’t really have all that much to talk about.

Until next time – and hopefully next time won’t be in a year.

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