With the FEE3 presentation comes the launch of this website. It’s far from complete, and I wouldn’t say it looks particularly good. But it’s up on the internet, and that’s what matters. Feel free to browse the pages that have been completed.

The concept

I’ve always had the idea of owning a website in my head, and I’ve done things such as build a draft Fire Emblem romhacking wiki before. But said wiki was entirely offline, not to mention the sheer quantity of hacks to catalogue. Hence, I’ve since moved towards my own efforts, which are spread out fairly broadly across the internet. So I felt like centralising them all on one website. Of course, I’ll still post on places like Fire Emblem Universe and Romhacking dot net. This thing began basically on a whim one day towards the end of May 2021 when I started looking into web hosting. Then I bought some and started building a website. I’ve been on-and-off with it over the past few months.

I’ve had plenty of other ideas for things to put on here, since a website dedicated just to my projects seems a bit self-centred. Since I like Fire Emblem, why not compare Fire Emblem? There’s three different versions of Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light, for goodness sake. Then there’s two versions of Mystery of the Emblem. There’s room to compare the many fan translations too.

Website updates

During the off time, I’ve been working on a few projects, but mainly just doing nothing but watch television. Don’t expect a regular update schedule. Anyone who’s in on romhacking should know that motivation ebbs and flows. One day I’d write up three pages, then I wouldn’t even look at the place for a month. Like my hacks, assume an “it’s when it’s done” stance. Do not beg me for updates, and do not complain about any terminology used. If you do, I will ignore you.

One nice thing is that I can just direct all of my hack downloads to here. I won’t be scrapping any pre-existing Dropbox or Github downloads, since there’s absolutely no reason for me to. But new hacks? They’re going to be uploaded to this website. Dropbox links for older projects will be replaced with links to here when they’re updated, most likely. What matters at the end of the day is that the downloads function, ideally without the whims of file hosting websites.

That should be about everything. All going well, I’ll be seeing you for some project update sooner or later.

And for the record, here’s the FEE3 video.

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Hi. I'm the webmaster. I made this place and the things on it. I like many things, with the relevant one in this corner of the web Fire Emblem.

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